I’ll have a serving of shame with a side of guilt, please…

Oh, and add extra misery.


I was working with a client the other day and I was completely struck by something she said to me: “I had 2 M&M’s today and I felt terrible about it. So I think for dinner I’ll have a hard boiled egg and that might make me feel better.” Sigh.

As a personal trainer, I realize that no amount of logic or research citing or even review of a nutrition¬†textbook would change her mind. She has entered that scary place, that dark place, that every trainer gets to see but few get to influence–GUILT. And it makes me SAD. And not just sad for that person, but sad in general because I’ve felt that guilt myself and I’d dare say every woman out there has felt it and probably even most men as well. Unless you’re my husband who has the body of a Greek God statue and has little to no emotional issues with food. I’m not bitter.

Why is it that we as women as humans add that guilt to our already overflowing plate? Is it because we KNOW better, but still choose to consume foods that are harmful to us? And if that’s the case, WHY oh why do we still make the wrong choices and continue to go round and round in our cycle of despair???

We already know that sugar is bad. I mean really, really BAD. I won’t get into the biochemistry of it all (because I don’t want to have to cite my references) but what we’re dealing with here is addiction. Like similar to scratching, shaking, crack head on the street addiction. And the only difference between us and the crack head is that our addiction is cheap and available so we can stay high all the time. And our brain demands that we do. So why do we reach for the M&M’s all the while thinking “No. No I shouldn’t. Stop. Stop it! Don’t touch those! Crap I ate one. Crap I ate 30. Okay, I’ll just finish the bag and be good later.” Etc….. Because we are addicted!!

Have you ever tried to completely remove sugar from your diet? Like, COMPLETELY? It is a physically painful experience. And eye opening. I highly encourage you to check out whole30.com¬†and read all about the 30 day “challenge” for lack of better term. Rid your body of sugar and other potentially inflammatory food groups and reintroduce those groups at the end. See what your body needs to be happy and thrive. And forget about food addiction which inevitably leads to guilt. Forget about eating half a raisin for lunch so you can go out to dinner with your friends later. Forget about the deep need to eat 3 cupcakes and then the 2 hours spent at the gym so you don’t feel terrible. We don’t need that. We can enjoy life again and food can be enjoyable again. We can choose good food because we WANT good food. Seriously, it’s possible. Stop the guilt!